Thursday, 25 February 2016


Hello and a welcome back to JSTREETSTYLE.

Apologies for the absence of activity of late, but we promise to make up for that 
shameful lapse. We now hold our heads in shame. OK enough penance for now.

We recently took a stroll through the streets of Soho in London and stumbled 
across the goings on we fondly know to be London Fashion Week.
The bi monthly assembly of the fashion industry where what we all will be 
wearing six months from now is decided and showcased.
This fashion industry format has been in place for decades, 
but is about to be shaken up with the likes of mega luxury brand Burberry 
holding both menswear and women’s wear consolidated in one show, 
and with no spring summer, fall winter seasons. Not only that, 
but instead of waiting six months to purchase what was on show, 
you’ll be able to purchase online then and there on the spot. 
Social media and apps usage will increase for sure.

Click, click, click. Buy, buy, buy.

No doubt this will have various ripple effects. The attendees of 
the various fashion shows will have a new battlefield frontline drawn up, 
where the one-upmanship game many celebrities and style icons love to play, 
will be taken to a whole new level. 
One where who can be wearing what was seen on the catwalk a few hours ago 
first will gain extra kudos points as they appear in social media platforms the fastest.

On the street in terms of street style, you’ll be seeing more mega brand garments 
and looks sported by high profile bloggers and style icons from 
Paris, Milan, New York and even London.
Keeping up with the Jones will get really serious, 
especially for those with a readily disposable income.

Style havens in cities like Tokyo and Hong Kong will see a noticeable effect, 
as more of the general public will be seen in big brand collection items 
during and soon after they were on the catwalk.

How will smaller brands compete? Will this further still erode the near non-existent 
sight of individual style, and the people that possess it. 
There will be pros and cons as there are with all things in life.

Returning back to the streets of London during Fashion Week, 
there was a strong turn out for the world’s fashion media, 
new generation bloggers and inquisitive members of the public infused with 
bemused tourists to London.
All braving the weather on offer, the worst London could provide.
Frightfully cold with wind and constantly soggy offerings from the heaven’s. 
This is how we say welcome. 
We really need to get that weather thing licked at some point. 
Then we could truly be welcoming. 
The way we want with blue skies and big smiles.

With smiles in mind, let’s kick off the show with some of the imagery 
and sights we found for you during the latest offering of Fashion from London.

This is Luana Codreanu. Editor of Last Minute Couture.
She wears a shirt dress by Funkers, ripped jeans and heels by Cathias Edeline
 This is Bettina Looney placing her best foot forward in her gold Gucci sandals.
The rest or her is covered in a jumper by H&M, a Gucci clutch bag and
the most beautiful red skrt by Micheal Lo Sordo
Ones arrival is all important. Just how cute can you get? This just isn't fair.
No grown man or fine woman can compete with this handsome and terribly 
dapper young man. 

Game over. We're out of here. 

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