Wednesday, 24 June 2015


These platform sandals above are from Celine.
Deep and dark studded excitement by McQ
You wouldn’t believe the trouble we went through to bring you these
 pretty Saint Laurent Babies 40 Triple Strap Mary Jane Shoes. 
A veritable Inquisition was indured with endless questions and ones 
justification for photographing them. And this is at a major fashion event.
We worryingly wonder sometimes we do. Seriously. We really do.

We won't go into the reasons of why wearing statement footwear 
for the sole purpose of it standing out from the crown and thus, 
propelling oneself into a likewise position which clearly is the 
sole intention doesn't register with them, yet in their mind, the concept 
that you may have some sense of fashion knowledge, is beyond 
comprehension, because they are so consumed with and weird dark 
sinister nonsense.

The idea that some of you out there like ourselves here, appreciate 
 this amazing form of contemporary art, or just simply love beautiful 
and pretty things is just in an unknown to some. This is ever so 
sad a revelation. We will continue to share with you the visual 
excitement that fashion brings and gives, when seen not on the 
catwalk, but on the street.
Mock snakeskin high heeled Gladiator Roxanne sandals from Topshop.

Black open toe circle cut ankle boots by The Master. 
Christian Louboutin 

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