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The fresh new talent from the fashion world's halls of learning held its 
yearly gathering to give a nod and a pat on the back among others 
things, to those that graduated with honours.
Showing their first formal collections to the world's fashion press
 and media, all keen to find out who the next McQueen, Galliano
Westwood or Katrantzou will be. Will they be mavericks’, as has been 
in the past with the above mentioned men and one well know woman,
 thus pushing boundaries and setting new standards, or will they follow 
all the rules in the book and embellish the trend for perfectly packaged 
high street style fashion with no edge or soul?
The offerings of the catwalk shows gave varying answers, but the
standard was for 2015's New Gen designers one we can all be proud 
of, from the halls of some of the finest fashion institutes of study in the
 world, many of which just happen to be based within the UK such as the 
renowned London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martin's.

Outside of the venus, the street style fashion scene seemed to generate 
a more sedate approach to interpretation and individual self expression
 of style. Well compared to last years attendees.
There were a few that broke away from the trend of wearing whatever
was there in front of them from Topshop, Zara, Newlook or Primark.
This is not a rant. By no means is there anything wrong with these mighty 
titans of the UK high street in serving to the masses, pre packaged style
 in affordable and easily accessible doses as prescribed by the many fashion
 and style bibles, running their cash or dash, Minted or Skint, Red Carpet to 
high street celebrities love fashion features.
We're just saying we miss the days when a teen would be bold and
 creative, buy a selection of items from the stores and cut them up into 
pieces or into its components, firstly to see what made things tick, study 
its construction and secondly, to piece it all together again but with
their own vision and know how, in a manner they feel it should have been.
How they see it. Like you see pretty much daily on the streets of Tokyo
and Osaka in Japan.
This wasn't a noticeable trend we're saying, from the attendees of young
students and admirers of the world of fashion. That being said.
There was style on show and we'd like to share some of that with you all.
 From the streets of London during Graduate Fashion Week of 2015.

This is Jessica Bailey from Newcastle UK. She wears a chain necklace from 
Topshop, a crop top from urban Outfitters, a Textile Generation skirt, platform boots
 and an eye bag from eBay. 

This is Ai from Kamakura, Japan. She wears a straw hat from Zara with a vintage
50 bag and skirt.

This is Fashion Journalist Samantha Jagger. She wears a leather harness by 
Alex McGough, a yellow A-line skirt and shoes both from Topshop
and a bag from Morocco.

This is Jihae from South Korea. She wears shoes and a suit from Next
with a bag from Zara 

 This is Nusaiba Mohammed from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  She wears a jacket of 
her own design with vintage sunglasses, a bag by Sakura Malaysia and heels 
by Primark. Check out her Youtube chanel as well as her collection.

 Stylish arm candy by Sakura Malaysia
More stylish arm candy, this time from New Look
Low cut open toe shoe excitement from the folks at ASOS

A flash of red. Enough said! Foot candy excitement from Hobbs.

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