Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Spring time is here once again. Almost unsure it would ever make an 
appearance. It has been gone for so long. We'd almost forgotten what 
daylight was all about, let alone what it looked like. Fortunately we 
have some key reminders here to share with you all. These colourful 
style bites hail from Tokyo, from around the Harajuku 
and Shibuya districts, where teenagers show no fear of colour. 
In fact, they are highly trained and skilled warriors of style, and their 
most effective weapon of choice is that of colour.

Fluffy Times Are Here Again

Remember that mind altering show from Gucci. The Fall/Winter 2015
 show with clearly new direction to that of Frida Giannini and Tom Ford's 
Many would say that the new vision of the company may well be too 

much, but we are not here to question, well not today we are. 
The show of discussion had classic Loafers and sandals all covered
 or in part with what some would call fluff and others real fur. 
That's fluffy slippers with a Gucci Price tag.
Now I know what you're all thinking. The ideas from that show's 

choice display of fur accessories, and that of Margiela, JTK Zheng 
and of course those heels from Dsquared2, the latter few would 
argue with the choice of adornment. They all came from the 
street style seen around Tokyo about a year ago. Like the slippers 
so many teenagers arouund Harajuky wore last summer. 
The ones below and above are from super cool shop and brand Bubbles

Classic Decora Style. Don't be fooled. This young teenager is a fierce warrior
 of style. See how she wields her colours like a weapon. She’ll be up in
 your face challenging your sense of style with some form of face off, 
and it will all kick off with that humble cute and innocent smile of hers.

Come prepared we say, for you’ll be challenged frequently as you walk 
around Harajuku. The only challenger these teenagers fear is that of global
 and supreme champion of colour. The Super Style Warrior that is Iris Apfel
 of New York.

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