Sunday, 22 February 2015


London Fashion Week

Well it's that time of the year again when all the world's media descend
upon a humble little town called London. Apparently this historical city
has some weight as a big hitter in the mighty arena of the world of fashion.
Where great titans slug it out with their offerings of style from their
champion designers. Great masses take part in viewing this grand
spectacle, where battles in themselves are fought over the right or indeed,
privilege to view certain bouts of visual entertainment on show at
grand arena's where the performances are quite something to behold.
Of course here at JSTREETSTYLE we rarely show you such proceedings.
The shenanigans that take place, the great fights for viewing rights to these
visual bouts of entertainment as mentioned can appear quite vulgar at times.
We wouldn't wish such an onslaught to ones senses upon anyone, that is of course 
unless they have a sound constitution are are able to take such a pounding.
Many a time have fair maidens and damsels not to mention the warriors themselves
been seen in tears fleeing these arenas unable to cope.

Much more civilised are the proceedings around those establishments and on the 
near by streets. Fore this is where the populous dwell, the true warriors of style 
and they too do battle, but theres is is a much more gentile fight down with detail 
on a different scale to the gladiatorial titans marching in their spectacular arena’s.
The people have spoken and they do not speak with one but many voices.
However their language is that of style and it can be heard quite loudly,
even from inside the great arena's so much so that the great media
now fights for the viewing rights on coverage of what the masses now have 
to say.

Here are some of the peoples champions and their warriors of style at
London's Fashion Week on day 2 of the Autumn Winter show offerings.

We are tought that Gold and Silver are never to mix, yet the folks at Marni 
have gone and done so and to our benefit as you can see. We love these
stylish fringed brogues.

More foot candy this time by the award winning creative mastery of 

And this time from Valentino. These are true champions of the populus.
T Strap Rocktud Sandals

This is the amazing Japanese style worrior Tomoko Inuzuka from Beams.
She can often be seen around LFW in her deliciously quirky style choices.
She's a huge fan of Manish Arora, possibly one of his greatest.

This is Fifi Evelan from London. She wears clothing that's all vintage 
with a T-Shirt by Candy Atom, jewellery by Broken Doll.

 This is Mohan Sheba from London. She wears a customised vintage denim dress.

This is Andrea from Dreaming of Chanel. She wears a jenim jacket by Massimo Dutti,
a chain link bag by Stella McCartney, a skirt by Topshop Unique, sandals by
Miss Selfridge and glasses by Balanciaga.

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