Sunday, 19 October 2014


 This is the lovely Yuka. She has possibly one of the largest international 
fan bases globally and for good reason. Yuka is one of the amazing shop girls 
from Kawaii style Mecca 6% DokiDoki. In Japan shop girls are a big deal. 
They can and do represent a point of focus for the brand identity of the 
shop and individual brands. Yuka is a true superstar and never lets the 
character she portrays slip.

Looking for a candy coloured super cute fun shopping experience in Tokyo?
Check out the amazing brand 6% DokiDoki and their shop. Walk up the 
steps surrounded by pink walls and you enter a land like no other. The most 
unusually cute yet strange grooves emanating from the premises. Chances 
are the girls will be dancing should it be one of their favourite tracks. Can one 
overdose on colours? Possibly, but if it were, it would be a good experience 
and not a bad one like the word's usual connotation and this would be the 
place to have that experience. Colour in life and the lack of fear of it is one 
of our mantra's here at JSTREETSTYLE. There should always be more colour
in life. A sad truth is that too many people fear colour and that stems from a 
misunderstanding of it based on misinformation like so many things in life.

Colour adds to life in a positive way, wrapping its arms around you like in 
an embracing manner usually resulting in a smile or a strange feeling of 
elation internally but pure and simply, you just feel good with colour. 

Yuka and the rest of the shop girls make you feel good. Here we see Yuka 
dressed in her usual style which is Fairy Kei. Always delicate, cute and feminine.

This is Nonoko from Tokyo. A florist and shop girl at Funktique spotted in 
Harajuku in July 2014. She wears a black sheer vintage dress with a white crop 
top by H&M. Her shoes are by Puma with leggings by Disney.

Lots more street style action to follow.  JSTREETSTYLE

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