Thursday, 9 October 2014


A group of fun teenagers spotted in Harajuku Tokyo posing for a picture. 
On the left is Ayuka from Tojikiken wears a top by We Go, with harness 
by Meed and shorts by Glad news and platform shoes by Hew and Viper.
In the centre is Amily  who wears all used clothing. On the right the young 
teenager is dressed in Cult Party Kei style.

Life for many teenagers in and around the Harajuku area of Tokyo for the
most part is a good one. Dressing up and fashion is a vital part of any
teenager's life, here you see that possibly more focussed and targeted
than anywhere in the world. Consumption is strong but unlike the west, many
teenagers that may not be able to afford designer of key brand items will
with some notable skill construct, fashion and tailor their own versions.

Remember the movie Shimotsuma monogatari or Kamikaze Girls in the west?
Momoko played by Kyoko Fukada who lives up north near Sendai, can't afford
big name brands but she admires them, her leaning being towards the Lolita
fashion trend, that thanks to the movie, put her nearest big town Sendai, on
the map as a Mecca for Lolita pilgrimage. Momoco admired possibly the most
well known Lolita brand known as Baby, shortened from Baby The Stars
Shine Bright. She was skilled and simply made her own versions of the branded
items she desired. Japanese teenagers seem to have an inbuilt ability to be
academic and creative at will. So no studying seems required it would often seem.
They just say I'll just make that myself and do so with frequently the most 
skilled precision.

Used clothing or second hand as it is commonly known of in the west is very
much liked by teenagers into fashion. Not to be confused with vintage fashion
 which is on the increase in Japan and more so with older teenagers and
women. Many Japanese teens don't understand the point of vintage or think 
it is the same as used clothing. However we know that the two are not the 
same.  For the most part, teenagers just want the item and they want it 
cheaply so they scour the many specialist shops packed full of used clothing
 normally imported from American. 
The above images will encompass some of these trends and mentioned items.
Take a visit when you can to Japan to see these many fashion wonders.

Lots more street style action to follow.  JSTREETSTYLE

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