Thursday, 4 September 2014


A Japanese teenage girl spotted in Shibuya in July poses for a picture pointing 
to her cool newly dyed shaved sided hairstyle.

Who says Japan is a conformist society? Granted there are some that think it is, 
many we're sure you'd agree think that is certainly not the case in these 
modern times. This is rebellion but it is focused, targeted, fused with creativity 
that will shape the future, giving birth to free thinking people and that can 
only be a good thing. 

This is Mebaie spotted in Harajuku Tokyo. She wears sunglasses by 
House of Holland, a top by RNA, skirt by Pipi R Mario, iPhone cover by 
Moschino with shoes by Fig and Viper.

Two teenage girls spotted Omotesando in Harajuku Tokyo. 
Cehck out the cool Mickey Mouse X Chanel ad shirt by Misfit Mad Minds.

Lots more street style action to follow.  JSTREETSTYLE

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