Wednesday, 17 September 2014


London Fashion Week
It's that time of year once more where you brush off those coveted items 
of lust and venture once more inter strange territories and unchartered retain. 
Only the most seasoned, skilled or just insane would risk navigating London's 
famed traitorous cobbled streets  to be seen by the world's fashion press and
 more importantly, the street style photographers and fashion bloggers, 
all scouting a choice image of their favourite pair of towering high fierce heels 
on said stones. Insanity we hear some of you say and you may well be correct 
but that doesn't change the simple fact. Heels look great on traitorous retain,
and if they help your legs look better and thus yourself and accompanied confidence, 
that has to be worth the pain or insanity of it all. Isn't it?

So we grabbed the camera, dusted off the cobwebs claiming residency within 
and about its dwellins and ventured off into the heart of London's cobbled streets.
Many maidens in their finery were spotted, even one or two knights in all their 
battle dress, and anyone that will tell you men do not do battle in this day and 
age in a visual arena like a peacock does is truly mistaken as at fashion week, 
the arena is vast and with eyes the world over watching, analysing, trying to make 
sense of it all, battle can be fierce.

Our first encouter wans a young maiden from Shanghai, China. Her name was 
Lindzee Cheung who we saw wearing a top by The Ragged Priest with denim 
shorts by Topshop, socks by Tabio and shoes by Vagabond. She was nice, kind 
and she looked cute ^_^
However later on we bumped into the lovely Lindzee only to find she had totally 


 After the transformation that we're sure you'll all agree was pretty impressive 
and consisted of a bespoke white corset suit by designer Cindy Zhang  
we had a brief chat about fashion and things with both women.
You may remember this looking strangly familiar to some of you. That's because
Lady Gaga wore this very same bespoke corset arrangement in black last year. 
 I rather like it in the white and it could well be added to the collection of 
comtemporary items we have in residence.

it’s been quite some time since Susie Lau or Susie Bubble featured on this blog. 
She’s become quite a superstar in the world of fashion in such a short space of 
time really, so my access from bumping into her on weekends even though
 she just lives around the corner, has diminished somewhat of late. She’s a woman 
much in demand so my humble wish to style her in exquisite items of fine vintage 
fashion will wait a little longer. She's much deserving of all the attention she has from 
all over the world.  Never shying away from an expressive use of candy colours.
The elite fashion blogger from Style Bubble wears a jacket, shirt, jeans and shoes 
by Comme des Garcons and all with a little happiness radiating from them. 
Not wanting to shun the hippie chic trend for spring summer 2015 showcased
 in shows like Anna Sui, we think it’s safe to say Susie is a very happy hippie chick.

More leather fashioned into style we loved like these boots by Jimmy Choo.

Talking of the man, that became the global brand, here he is with his family.

Express your inner outer and all over the place Rock Chic with these wild 
studded man eater ankle boots by the shoe master, Christian Louboutin.

Lots more street style action to follow.  JSTREETSTYLE

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