Saturday, 19 April 2014


We took a leisurely stroll in the West earlier on Saturday to London's Portobello Road 
Marker. It's been a while since we ventured ot in that direction and the luck of the gods
favoured us with kind weather for the day. Our journey though brief did have its rewards.
We thought we'd share those with you right now as it's been a while since we made a 
post. So here are the images of the stylish on the streets early Easter in London 2014.

This is Leou from China spotted on London's Portobello Road. She wears a dress from Zara
 with a Swarovski bracelet, a poncho by Accessorise, shoes by Pink Heroes and a straw hat.

On the left is Yoshimi from Nagoya, Japan and on the right is Shoko, both cuties were 
spotted on London's Portobello Road.

Yoshimi wears a braoch on her I Rank beanie hat by Tsumori Chisato, bag by Ateliers PENELOPE
Coat by ChildWoman, socks by Marimekko and shoes by Aurora shoes MIDDLEENGLISH.

Shoko wears a jacket by, a handmade skirt, socks by French Bull, 
stole by Supper Hakka with shoes by Birkenstock

Check out those Birkenstocks.

On the left is Carol wearing a jacket, denim shorts, a top all vintage with shoes from Office 
worn with socks. On the right is Clemente wearing Cheap Monday denim jeans, a H&M 
shirt and biker jacket, both were from Spain spotted on London's Portobello Road. 

Eleanor on the left, wears a fur hat, a houndstooth print jacket, a skirt and shoes from 382 
all vintage. Rose on the left wears a pastel purple, lilac and mauve ensemble with white shoes, 
all vintage both spotted on London's Portobello Road market.


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