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Paris Fashion Week is something I've been a part of for some years now,
but always from behind the scenes, from a distance, from across the shors.
That's all changed over the last year as some of you may have noticed.
We've brought you many images of the street fashion from all around 
the heart of Paris, with the stylish, the natives, the bloggers, stylists, even
a sprinkling of celebrity from time to time and the growing interest in the 
very beings of beauty that are a vital part of Paris Fashion Week, the models.
We've brought you many and all of these very things here at JSTREETSTYLE 
and I see no reason to change with that and the proceedings. 

So Paris you ask. Well it's in a league of its own when it comes to fashion.
The style of the native Parisienne is of a natural and effortless state of 
awareness of how to dress in a manner that is becoming. I believe that they 
ooze style from the very pores they cover so beautifully. Everywhere you walk 
you see evidence of a stylish city, from its people to the surroundings and 
dwellings of those individuals. I can tell you all, it's easy to fall in love with Paris.
Especially if you're there during Fashion Week.

So here's the very first offering of what we captured on the various streets 
around the super city. Please send your comments in. It would be great to 
see as share them with others. As always, the images are all shot 
by Pat Lyttle of JSTREETSTYLE

 This is photographer Camille Nehlig. A native to Paris and even without 
the presence of hair one cannot deny she is thing of beauty and ever so nice.

Here's a young fashion designer Jhou Xiao Chen from China wearing a coat
of her own creation that she partners with her tiny bag by Miu Miu and cute
little red ballet pumps.

You're probably aware of the identity of these amazing and beautiful creations.
They are of course from the master of fun, Christian Louboutin. The lace work 
is so pretty you have to see these up close and personal. These will most 
certainly get added to the collection or at the very least, join the queue for the
ever growing wish list of artisan delights from Mr Louboutin. Save save save.

 This is the beautiful Chinese actress Sun Li 孫儷 who we spotted leaving
the amazing Viktor & Rolf show.

 Some glass with serious class.

These nifty little lines lead all the way back to Chanel. Where else did you think
they'd be taking you?

This woman knows a thing or two about fashion and style. If there's a top ten
list out there of most powerful or influential women in the fashion world, this 
woman is on it somewhere near the top. 
This is Angelica Cheung. The editor of Vogue China.  If you're a fan of Vogue 
magazine in it's many guises you'll know there are some that are hot and others 
not. We highly recommend if you're new to Vogue, the place to start off at is 
with Vogue China. Amazing shoots, features and all with Chinese or Asian models.

We caught up with the Vogue China editor and managed to get her to pose 
for us briefly as she left the very colourful fashion show by Japanese designer 

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