Sunday, 15 December 2013


Well what a year. Its seams to have gone by so swiftly. Faster than ever.
Where does all the time go? There never seams to be enough of it.
Well not enough for doing the important stuff. The stuff that really counts.
Hanging out with ones family, friends and loved ones. Doing all the things
you need to. Those places you want to see. visiting people. Life goes too fast.
Wouldn't you agree?

Well when you're a teenager, you might occasionally get an inkling of this.
Chances are that won't be the case. Way too much fun going on, especially 
if you're hanging out in Harajuku or Tokyo or in Osaka.

 This is Mone from Tokyo. Check out her cool Randoseru, the name of the 
cute red elementary school bag on her back. You'll often see cute chibi chans 
with these bags seemingly larger than that of its wearer.
With the resurgence and trend for rucksacks   and backpacks being evident 

and popular, especially across Asia with the luxury brand backpacks from 
MCM so popular among teenagers in Tokyo and K-pop group  members, 
the randoseru is a very cool alternative option to the trend.

More of the inventive, stylish delights of Takeshta Dori in Harajuku, Tokyo.
Some of you out there may be shocked by this. Good. It's supposed to.
These are teenagers. It's their current purpose in life to shock and these 
girls do it rather well we think.

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