Sunday, 17 March 2013


Paris Fashion Week

I still can't believe it, but I had a chance to fulfil one of my lifetime ambitions 
recently. To visit Paris. I've been promising a friend I'd visit and look her up for 
some years now and I try never to break a promise, being old school and one 
of honour, but you know how it is. You get so busy and you throw yourself 
at the mercy of the job and before you realize it, another year has passed 
you by yet again. This time there was strategy involved, like a ticket bought.
Funny how effective that can be when done months in advance.

And so to Paris. My experience wasn't text book or fairytale like. After you 
get your head around the transport and the way things work there, it was
all OK. 
Paris is without a doubt a place to be in while fashion week is in town.
I got to see heroes, icons of style and there most certainly is a way with that
said style in Paris. 

Sadly the one person I really was counting on seeing wasn't there. The singer 
and actress Fan Bingbing. Hopefully another time.What I did see was,
Editors; Anna Dello Russo, Giavanna Bottaglia, Kate Lanphear as well as many 
bloggers, models, elegant actresses, designers, It really was a dream come true.

Here are a few of those memories to share with you all. 

How elegant is this woman? Actually it quite easy to see. Extremely elegant.
This is fashion designer and style icon Ulyana Serjeenko. She wears a coat
by Dolce and Gabbana, a hat from Russia, Christian Louboutin shoes and
a dress from one of her own collections. She was spotted leaving the
Viktor & Rolf show at the Palace de la Concorde.

This woman above with the cheeky smile I would have happily as the sole
reason for being in Paris, to catch a glimpse of her. This is Giavanna Bottaglia.
Fashion Editor, freelance stylist and a true champion if Italian Style.
She must have been freezing. I was happy to see her all the same shivering
in her every stride.

The beautiful Caroline Issa wearing her recent collaborative high heel shoes 
she designed for top high street store LK Bennett.

Another dream come true. To see actress, model and singer Pace Wu 吴佩慈
and here's an image of mine I shot of her.

Next up. This is Taiwanese actress An Yixuan 安以軒 (安以轩)

This is L'Officiel Russia editor Evelina Khromchenko seen leaving a show at the 
Palais de Tokyo. She wears Miu Miu trousres with a Chanel handbag and fur coat. 

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