Thursday, 7 March 2013


Trends at London Fashion Week

We recently saw the trend for men in skirts. 

Next up. Oriental.

This one was really obvious to spot and we dare say you'll be spotting 
a lot of this look as the dreary weather fades and sunshine takes its cue.

Here's what we spotted. 

This stylish woman wears a Kimono style top that she said was actually 
knight wear. We love it all the same. A leather skirt and a vintage belt from 
Moschino complete her winning look. 

Here we see a woman dressed in a vintage Kimono.

The dynamic duo. (left) is Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil and to his (right) is Phil Oh 
of Street Peeper They are two of the best street style photographers as I'm 
sure you're all aware of. I love Phil's look with his traditional Chinese men's 
jacket. You can see more of these coming into being now at the vintage 
fashion fairs in and around London and Brighton. Beautiful embroidery or 
brocade work and amazing linings, 

Here's a good one. An Oriental inspired embroidered bomber jacket from
Zara, There were several of these on the weekend worn by both 
men and women. 

 Here's another woman wearing a Kimono

Here we have a man wearing a layered ensemble consisting of a dress 
trousers, heels and a bag, mask and a western made Kimono.

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