Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hay Loli Loli. Wanna have some fun. Then pop down to the world famous 
Victoria and Albert Museum and that's exactly what many of you did.

The lovely folks at the V&A Museum held an amazing event called 

If you love Japanese style and street fashion and all that is cute and Kawaii
then late Friday at the V&A Museum was without a doubt the place to be.

So what did you see I hear you all asking in unison? Well from the point
of view of the many members of the public unaware of this particular event,
what they saw was a sea of bright colours and excitement a so many girls
and women dressed in Lolita style descended upon the museum.
Many if not most were dressed in the popular Sweet Lolita style so there
was a lot of pink, fun tea party prints on dresses and skirts. There were
girls dressed in the more masculine style while some girls were in Classic
Lolita style and some even went down the Ero Loli path. 
There were also several girls dressed in Decora style, a few people also
dressed up in vintage as well as other forms of distinctly Japanese street
fashion styles.

There was a queue that seemed to go on forever for the hugely popular
Purikura. The pose print sticker trend that took Japan by storm more than
a decade back now and still going strong among early teens and seriously
loved up young couples. Oh yes! That L word causes many of us to do the
craziest of fun things. Many of you are guilty. Probably why the queue was
so long. Summer love at the V&A.

What else happened you ask? Women in Kimono. How to wear one too.
Photo-shoots. Ballet dancers doing a tour around the museum but not
like your regular ballet dancers. No these were super cool as their skirts
and dresses were from the likes of mega Lolita brands

There was so much more going on of course and it was all free and in
celebration of a beautiful style from Japan with its candy coloured cuteness
with influences from British culture and style, but mainly I think from what
anyone would have witnessed at a glance. it was more a celebration of
style embraced and entwined in Anglo Japanese culture and style, by those
into it or those touched by it in some way and all provided by the Victoria and
Albert Museum. A huge thank you to them for such a splendid event.

Here are some of the images I shot from Friday Late Loli POP event.

Candy coloured fashion. Ama Loli or Sweet Lolitas. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
should be playing as you watch this pic. Seems fitting don't you think?

Rachel Rai (left) skirt by Angelic Pretty and Kairi (right) in Angelic Pretty
( Pretty In Pink )

This the lovely Ada who has been a champion of Lolita style for,
we we think forever because she's just so good at it. Ada wears an ensemble
of dress, bag, hat, socks and an assortment of cute accessories all in the
style of Sweet Lolita and all by the brand Angelic Pretty

This image shows Rupert Faulkner, Senior Curator at the V&A,
 Masami Yamada, Visual Manager at V&A Enterprises Charlene Betteridge,
and Ada 

This is Salma dressed head to toe in Angelic Pretty

This is Connie from Hungerford in West Berkshire.  She is dressed in
Classic Lolita style with a dress she made herself based on Marie Antoinette.

Ballet dancers dressed in Lolita style. Outfits by Baby The Stars Shine Bright

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