Sunday, 29 July 2012


It's finally here, the big one, the one they've all been talking about.
The 2012 Olympic Games is now in London and with that brings a 
sea of people from around the world. The atmosphere on the streets
of London right now is fantastic.  Everywhere you look you can see 
someone that's here for the event and we're liking it. We're not the 
only ones that feel this way here at JSTREETSTYLE. Because of 
the additional style on the streets, additional style scouts and street 
style fans and photographers are out in force, and weather permitting 
and we all know in London how that can turn on a penny, it's going 
to be great. 

Here are a few new images to share with you all. 

This is the very stylish Fumie Kikuchi. A freelance  from Iwate in Japan. 
translator specialist in music industry translations. She's totally into the 
vintage clothing scene and loves the 60s and 70s styles and can always 
be seen with her signature coloured streaked fringed hair. Fumie was 
photographed on London's famed people spotting Mecca Brick Lane. 
Fumie is dressed in her love of bright fun colours to match her love for 
psychedelic garage rock music.

 Here is Bethan Laura Wood. A jewellery designer and artist specialising
in working with wood. I believe her to be one of the most stylish women 
in London but as you can see, her sense of style is most unique and is 
is ever evolving embarking on a most exciting journey that clearly effects 
her visual representation of that journey through her life. One gets the most 
overwhelming sense of calm and contentment when you're in her presence. 
Often that can be with her trusty friend not present in this image, That being 
her trusty funky bicycle. We salute you Bethan. More, more and more of you. 

 This is street style photographer Toni Tran from Fashitects as he poses 
for a picture at London's Brick Lane. We've featured Toni here before.
This time we see him dressed in dungarees and a colourful shirt.
He cuts a stylish groove as always with his signature cool hairstyle.

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