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Hi All. Sorry again for the long absence but as you may well know, I’ve recently had an exhibition of my Japanese style street fashion and all my time was spent funding, curating, organising and manning the JSTREETSTYLE exhibition that was held in London. The exhibition has sadly now ended but it was a wonderful experience. Each day I met many people from all over the world some with an interest in fashion or Japanese culture to people just walking in off the street through curiosity, however they left the exhibition a smile, some candy in their hands and a small piece of knowledge about fashion trends, Japanese culture and teenage life. I believe or at least I can say they appeared to be happy about what they saw and some even said they were.

I met friends and made new ones. The launch night was a fun night with around 80 – 100 people altogether that attended. Many people I believe naturally would not have encountered many of the style tribes of Japan unless familiar with Japanese culture in some way so I reached out to some friends and they did the same to others and with the power of networks, forums and so on, guests showed up and at some point were greeted to the sight of a group of girls dressed in Lolita style there in person. There was even one girl dressed in Fairy Kei.

What they all saw. There were 56 A4 framed images and 4 A2 size framed images. Most showed images shot in Tokyo and Osaka and a few shoot in London. I decorated the walls with candy lollipops and also had them suspended from the ceiling. Also suspended from the ceiling was multi coloured tissue as I wanted to convey a sense of candy coloured fun to go with many of the candy coloured images as that’s how I envisaged some people may have thought of what they saw. There was a further selection of Japanese sweets and candy like Pocky sticks. The Lolita girls tucked into the hanging candy with a passion.

That was fun to watch. Reinforcements and supplies were sourced the following day. It proved a popular item of interest with all the women and girls attending.

There were portraits, full lengths, group shots all depicting how I see people touched Japanese style and fashion.

I’d like to say a big thank you to the Outside World Gallery for all their help and assistance. A big thank you to all who attended on the launch night and clearly with their support made the night a big success. To you all a big thank you truly.

So here are the images shot of the exhibition.

A big thank you to Ada (left) for her help with the girls.

"Frilly Friends"
The girls that turned up dresses in Lolita wear along with one 
in Fairy Kei

The following day brought these colourful delightful young girls

After prolonged exposure to exhibition candy

Fashion desigher Star Hu who attended goes gaga over candy

Fashion designer Star Hu shines at the JSTREETSTYLE exhibition

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