Monday, 13 February 2012


The fashion week season is in full swing as most of you already know.
My eyes are about to pop out and my head feels as though it were
about to explode, through shear fatigue of looking at several 
thousand catwalk, runway, backstage, front row images from 
Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week and it's only the start 
of the main circuit. Next up on the merry go round or carousel
is London Fashion Week. I'll take a break from the Japanese 
street style shot in Tokyo recently and dip my toes back into 
London Street Style. It seems so long since we brought you 
some excitement from the streets of London. That's because 
I've not shot any street in London for some time now. 
I'm sure many of you know that when you've walked the 
streets in and around Harajuku, Shibuya or Namba and 
Shinsaibashi, the streets of London's sparkle seems to fade 
a little. But this weekend I promise you all, they will shine 
so bright and sing ever so loud. That is provided the predicted 
temperatures from the London Weather Centre, according 
to newspaper and press reports say we're in for more of 
the sub zero temperatures we've been experiencing 
recently and we should be looking at minus 10 this weekend.
Can you imagine what it will be like with Christian Louboutin 
Daffodile platform heels and Prada's 50s car fender inspired 
works of art all trying to navigate London's famed cobbled 
streets covered in ice? For once it won't be a pretty site.

And we certainly can't have that now can we.
So let's pray for some favorable weather or a big smile from above.

Here are a few more fun and colourful images to keep 
you all going a wee bit longer until the weekend.

  A young woman poses for a picture in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo. 
She wears distinctive fun shorts by IMI.

Now that we've got your attention! 

Let's give back a little for a wee winged earlier about MBNYFW.
Front and centre girls. Let's hear it for the stars and the stripes.
We all know that Japanese teenagers love love all that's cool
and all that red, white and blue stuff going on in the USA 
seems to still be pleasing some even if it doesn't please all 
of the people some of the the time. Fun, fun and fun is all that 
matters when you're young and walking in the sun.

Big smiles to last us for a long while.


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