Thursday, 23 February 2012


Amazing Grace  

Stylist Grace Woodwood wearing sheepskin jacket and all 
in white by Aquascutum with candle wax statement heels 
by Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte A/W 2010.

A work of art

Stylish Korean fashion student Sue Kim poses for a picture 
at London Fashion Week. Honestly. Straight up.

Stand on your own two feet you keep hearing but this is 
Sue Kim just doing her thing and we like it very much.

Crikey That's Spiky

Stud U Like 
More shoes from Jefferey Campbell with a spiky personality.

Debra wears Zebra

If I could have a favourite person at London Fashion Week 
without a doubt it would be this funkster. 
This is Tomoko Inuzuka, manager of the hugely popular 
and well respected brand and shop Vermeerist Beams
She's always in bright colours and is possibly one of the 
biggest fans of Manish Arora owning many of his pieces 
but on the day I saw her, she braved the freezing cold in 
warm colours this time by Christian Lacroix

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  1. Hey, You dont have Sue Kim's details do you? I have a photo from LFW and would like to email it to her, finally found her name but no clue where to find her personally. Toni