Saturday, 31 December 2011


Welcome all to 2012. 
You were all greeted by Karin from Osaka at the top of the page, showing
us classic Kansai style. Osaka is well known for its bright and colourful 
characters with their warm and welcoming personality. 
Karin was certainly that. Bright colours were her theme. 
Karin was spotted on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku in Tokyo. 

Next to welcome you into 2012 with open arms was a young teenager
from Tokyo showing us how colourful she is, clearly demonstrating the direction 
for the year ahead. Bright, cheerful and full of colours to please both the eyes 
and ones heart. We often forget from time to time as adults that there's still 
much fun to be had in the world and that it doesn't always have to be 
doom and gloom, but with a light sprinkling of colour here and there, we can 
all benefit from the magic it creates. Colour always brings a smile to your face.

At JSTREETSTYLE, you'll always be welcomed with open arms 
and with a sea of the brightest pallet of colours.

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