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image courtesy of Christie's

Today I went to my very first preview to an auction and WOW. What a one to start with.
The theme was a collection of fashion items of exquisite quality, some were of historical importance while others, fine pieces of couture from the finest designers of the 20th Century, all up for sale by world renowned auctioneers Christie’s of London. 
Original statement pieces from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Azzedine Alaia and Balenciaga. 
Stunning statement pieces were on show like the iconic Mondrian dress 
from Yves Saint Laurent.

I wish I were loaded so I could have put in a bit and hopefully have walked with something to add to my already overflowing collection. Sadly I’ just a being of humble means and I don’t even play the lottery, I never remember to. If Christies could be so kind as to gift me one of these fine items for a shoot one day I would be so happy. As happy as I was to have cast my eyes upon these amazing items. You may smoke or even drink, but I choose to collect vintage items if fashionable excellence and iconic beauty. Though I did add to the collection this weekend, a 1940s dress with an unusual drop waist, inspired by earlier late 20s style and a pair of 1930s peep toe shoes in the most vivid shade of purple suede with snake skin detail, I came away from Christies with nothing other than a smile.
For that I shall not complain as the smile was well earned and worth more than I could ever afford.

The items I added to my collection came from the lovely Rebecca Denholm of The Pocket Library, formally of the Cats’ Meow. She has an amazing collection of dresses and shoes.
A wonder around the interior of the Kensington Town Hall which hosted famed Vintage Fashion Fair FROCK ME added more of a smile and contentment.
I can highly recommend this particular event on the vintage fashion calendar as one of the finest.

The lovely Pat Frost Director of Fashion and Textiles at Christie’s and her team were on hand to help with my enquiries, assisting the photographer from Getty Images and were so kind to me.


What’s this got to do with street fashion I hear one or two of you saying?

Well many moons ago back in the 1940s or back to 1912, the oldest of the images here, women once walked the streets of London, Paris or New York dressed in their finest. 
These items mentioned would have been those very same items of fine clothing those women would have worn. Back in 1910 to the late 1920s, even the most stylish and westernised Japanese women form the upper echelons of society, would have been spotted in something like the pink Paquin Summer 1912 Opera coat that personally would call a dress, with its drop waist, exquisite beading and heavy tassels or the black silk beaded cocktail gown with its pretty pastel coloured bugle beads. 

If I were around back in those glorious days of decadence, 
I assure you I would be pounding the sidewalks and streets, keen to bring you images of those with style, especially the Japanese women with their exceptional sense of style elegance and beauty.

                           Here are some of the Lots up for auction  The E catalogue

A heavily embellished dress by Christobal Balenciaga

Unusual for Balenciaga. Not quite you'd expect in style
but in the detail lavished all done by hand, It's no wonder
Dior called Balenciaga the greatest couturier of them all.

A classic Ossie Clark chiffon Maxi dress.

(Left) A Rhodoid disc dress by Paco Rabanne late 1969 with his signature chain link system and handkerchief cuffs. (Centre) An original Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian dress.
(Right) A paisley patterned, gold lame, brocade ensemble by Marc Bohan for Christian Dior from 1963 as part of the Billy Boy vintage fashion collection up for auction at London's Christie's on December 1st 2011

Classic Paco Rabanne

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