Sunday, 19 June 2011


Met a 50s maiden all dolled up in her gear.
By golly I do declare, she most certainly was fair,
with a fine set of pins and tattoos everywhere.

This is Sonie from Osaka. Bright and colourful. She's wearing;
top - topshop
cardigan - charity shop
skirt - charity shop
shoes - marks
bag - free from 'viking direct'

we don't normally bring you candid but she was pretty.
Even got a smile. A rare thing indeed, that's not happened for a while.

Teenager Jessica from London dressed in the Gungaro Japanese Street fashion style

A group of British teens dressed in Japanese Kigurumi style

Cosplay style. Dressed as Miku from vocaloid

Mariko from where else other than Osaka

70s style hat

Prada spring summer 2011 wedges

Vintage 70s jumpsuits

Vintage 70s feminine look

Cool looking wedges by Aldo

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