Thursday, 19 August 2010


Time to pound the streets again. the sun is out to play and so too  

 Aguta from Spain. Jacket Doreththy Perkind
Bag Topshop. Dress Miss Selfridges. Shoes Carvella

 Coole earrings from her very cool mother.

Mei from China. Jacket B+80  B+AT. Shoes from America

A Buffalo Gal from SetagaiyaTita

Ashley (left) and Gwen (right) both from Singapore

 榛葉 あすみ  Asami on her pirch 
checking out the fashion scene

 Biker Boots. Are they still a hoot?  Seems so.

 While we're on the subject od boots and shoes, 
a subject dear to all I know.
Let's check out some of the cool footage that's out there.

Cute and pretty socks with vintage heels

Strappy wedges from Office

Seriously cool heels

Cool wedges from Ash. Better dash for that cash

 Hot wedges from Zara

 They say imitation is the best form of flattery.
This compliment goes to a Mr Marc Jacobs we all love. 
Shoes are by Topshop and are way cool we think.

 We all love something a little special and the brilliance 
of the late Alexander McQueen was "Faithful" to that cause

 Kyoko (right) from Hiroshima and her man.
Top from Miss Sixty and her leggings by Shimaron

We love her awsome boots from Trippen

Aw! You're killing us with this cuteness. 
But more, more more please.

Japanese ballerina style from Emi

Deborah Fisher Jones walks on the wild side

We love her amazing Natacha Marro shoes 

 Way cool shoes in it's beautiful hues

Dress by Emoda, bag by Beems, scarf by Popa

Shoes by Poolside

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