Saturday, 3 July 2010

Summer in the city

Summer's here. It's finally showed its face. Today it's having a good laugh so I thought I'd make a post as it's been a wee while. I've been mega busy with so much on. 
One day I'll explain all that I get up to. 

Two girls from South Korea. on a visit to London we thinks.
Cool Britannia!

Gone are her usual Vivienne Westwood homage statements.
A new & sophisticated retro look is much more the now.
We greatly approve. Keep on with this new groove

And we love the new shoes

Top & jeans from The Pub, shoes by Alexander Wang
and a way cool speedster skateboard

Beauty from Taiwan

Spotted in Spittlefields

We're keeping an eye on this one. This Japanese lass with
the sharp haircut has got our attention for sure.


It's really tiring work for this Japanese guy to look cool
and maintain the even cooler Afro.

Reaching up to the heavens in her peep toe boots,
sparkly harem pants this stylish maiden.

Socks, brogues & painted toes. It's in there somewhere.
God only knows.

We've just made it to the blog, just thought you should know.
We'll be getting the bus back now if that's OK!

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