Saturday, 3 April 2010


What we see on the street is varied, colourful & exciting. Visually there are many languages & cultures yet one voice stands out. it keeps saying.

"Be yourself"

Listen to the voice

Give arms for Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garçons amazing creations.

What do you think?

Well if that's what you think that's cool by me!

Cinderella? or Jesus Diamante? You shall go to the ball.

50s revisited in vintage style with Vivien Westwood Melissa sweethearts

Speaking of her said self. More fan homage to the one from here doing very well over there & just about everywhere else you care to stare.

Restriction or unrestrained vision.  What do you see?

Talking of vision

Politicians. They see terror but we see beauty

Way too cute! More  more  more especially the vintage.

Be bold but true to your heart. If it's got your name on it, make it yours.

Now we have your attention!

Yoo Hoo !!! Peek a Boo!

You looking at Me?

Issey Miyake & Martin Margiela with DMs. We think so. She does. Don't you?

Flying the flag on Carnaby Street. A Japanese maiden in a British haven

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  1. I love the images with the shark cool! Pat you have an eye like none other