Monday, 1 August 2011


You all know we have a passion for vintage fashion here at Jstreetstyle so it was a thoroughly enjoyable time when London's Southbank was transformed into a Vintage wonderland for a weekend on July 29th to 31st. Conceived by designer Wayne Hemingway, the event that saw a fantastical sunny day for British weather brought out the most amazingly and stylishly dressed people from all over the nation with a singular passion. The love of vintage fashion. With fashion shows, shops and stalls, even a sea of beach stylish huts were among the many sights. Others included people jitterbugging, even flash private jitterbugging with headphones. Cinema on or rather in retro stylized vehicles and so much more.

Here are a few of the people we saw there.

This is Yuki from Japan dressed in Vintage style

Blue is the colour, Vintage is the game. We're here together.
Enjoyment is our aim.

Couple of old dears! Hardly. We think these women are amazing.
Style and energy in bundles.

We'll have some of whatever they're on please.

Shear elegance and style and sadly here but for a while.

Tartan and stripes. Umm! Very nice Very nice

An here's our very own Milk Maiden

Another spiffing couple looking so very nice

Just to add a bit of modernity to the colour and procedings
here's a chirpy woman happy and flirty in her jersey dress
from Prada SS 2011 collection.

Eye Eye. What have we here, lurking in your hair?
Some king of ephemera dare I swear.

You wing it girl. Either way you look cool in your shades.

A big smile for a little inspiration we think. Wink Wink!

paying their dues in blues and hues

We think it's very likely that this is Holly but don't quote us on that

More evidence of the black and white lurking in the shade.
Between you and I she looks pretty convincing to me.

Girls, Swirls and Curls.

Hat a girl. you show us what you're made of.
All fine and dandy, all sugar and candy, We see that smile.
Very very handy

You all know we have a soft spot for J Crew in J style
so here's Aki from Nagoya wearing a 70s style Maxi.

On the same tip, here's the uber stylish Lady Kamikaze
The trousers are her own design tailor made by Golden Needle
and the up self customised. This is a wold class DJ and hostess
of the renowned Lady Luck club.

The fire bomb of energy in the 60s dress is Lia Grandi
of The Style Eye

Redheads. Always too hat to handle. Adding extra heat
with her uber discrete glasses from Lulu Guinness.

Here's one silver lining we'd like to stick around a little longer.
Reworking her 30s wedding dress into a 60s style mini.

What the hell! Let's have another shimmy.

A Chinese beauty on The Pink Bus

A statuesque beauty doing her duty so let's give thanks
to Geoff Banks for the dress that she's filling rather well.
The perfect balance of colours with her accents of pinks
blues and purples.

Here's looking at you doll. That's if you're up to it!

Wayne! More of the same please?